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We all love shopping and especially if its online shopping. The ease, satisfaction and convenience we get from buying things for ourselves or our near and dear ones is enormous. The feeling we get when shopping is amazing, especially when sitting comfortably at home and clicking away on items you want to buy. And then having them delivered at your doorstep.

Wish vs. Other Shopping Apps

Being a shopping app based out of San Francisco this app offers very low prices on clothes, cosmetics, accessories and more, mostly from warehouses in China. And there’s nothing wrong with that – just keep it in mind when you read that the items are “high quality” and have realistic expectations. Other than that the photo-driven style of the site and competitive rates makes it perfect for those willing to take a chance on buying the items.

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Many Features to use

  1. Affordable

With Wish, shopping is made very affordable because it links the customers directly to more than a hundred million manufacturers so that they can get their favorite products at affordable rates. Because there is no middle man between the customer and the manufacturer, products are available at cheap rates, and quality is excellent too.

  1. Security

Wish has built strong security for the comfort and ease of its customers. The purchases which are made through Wish are handled securely, so no information of the customers is at a threat of being stolen or used in malicious purposes.

  1. Reviews

Wish provides its customers with reviews from other happy customers on their products so that they can be sure that what is being shown in the pictures is what it actually is and that what they are going to buy is of good quality.

  1. Tracking

The moment you place your order on Wish, you are provided with a tracking link, using which you can track the delivery of your product and be there for it when it arrives.

  1. Customer Support

Wish gives its customers the benefit of customer support. Whenever you have any questions or doubts about any product, you can reach the customer support and get your answers right away using the Wish App.

  1. 30-Day Return Policy

If you order something from Wish and you don’t find it according to what you were expecting and has faults, you have the option of returning it within 30 days of purchase.

  1. Discounts

Wish gives you crazy discounts on their amazing products, which you can avail at any time. You can shop for products from your favorite brands at affordable prices. You can also spin the Blitz Buy feature on the Wish app to win more discounts. You get terrific Black Friday deals and earn rewards to shop more.

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    Written by Bella Roberts

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