Exclusive TEMU APP Deals

Temu 30% voucher code

Want to get 30% OFF on the #1 Shopping Platform TEMU + other exclusive product deals? You got it!

For 30% discount at checkout:

  • Download the free TEMU APP on Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • Either download it on a new device/ for the 1st time or delete your existing Temu app and reinstall in 2 weeks to qualify as a “New App User”. You can redeem the code even if you’ve already shopped on temu.com
  • Fill your basket with anything you like – there are NO RESTRICTIONS
  • APPLY COUPON CODE: aco759444
  • Complete your purchase WITHIN 1 HOUR of downloading the app to get either of these 2 offers: 30% OFF on orders over ‎$20, capped at ‎$24 total discount & 30% OFF on orders over ‎$10, capped at ‎$10. If you finalize the order within 24 hours, you can take advantage of the last offer only, giving you a maximum reduction of $10. And if you take longer than that, you won’t be able redeem either of the coupons. Note that if you’re reinstalling the app (after 14 days), you can benefit only from the 1st offer within an hour of the reinstall. So, if you take longer to decide what you need, make sure you know what you want to buy from Temu before downloading the app!

For exclusive deals from $0.11 and up to 99% OFF:

  • Check out the EXCLUSIVE Product Offers Below and click on the link to each deal or scan the respective QR code. Be aware that these discounts are only visible in the Temu app!
  • Enjoy each offer only once as a “New App User”
  • Be quick to proceed to checkout before your chosen deals sell out!

Stainless Steel Eyebrow Trimmer & Comb: https://temu.to/m/u4bxjqwde11

Effortless Garlic & Ginger Grinding Tool: https://temu.to/m/u0299bum4df

Cheap garlic and ginger grinder

Car Phone Holder, Compatible With All Phones: https://temu.to/m/udef1zr84wl

Cheapest car phone holder

Wireless Security Camera Doorbell with WiFi: https://temu.to/m/uufgu14olug

Cheapest white doorbell with camera

Soft & Breathable Pillow with Neck Support: https://temu.to/m/us07as910wp

Cheap soft pillow with neck support

Children’s Interactive Carpet/ Floor Mat: https://temu.to/m/up97762nfld

Cheap children's carpet with numbers and letters on Temu

Flight-approved Backpack With Laptop and Shoe Compartments: https://temu.to/m/udpyt9h9r5x

Cheap Laptop Backpack - Flight Approved

Fabric Storage Basket/ Organizer with Handle: https://temu.to/m/us6wfp9l82t

Cheap small fabric organizers

Men’s Blade Sneakers Running Shoes: https://temu.to/m/u45kc2bh0bh

Cheapest black men's sneakers on Temu

2-in-1Tennis Skirt with Inner Pocket Shorts: https://temu.to/m/u93egwcyjie

Cheap tennis skirt - Temu

Expect MORE EXCLUSIVE TEMU DEALS on 365shoppingdays.com very soon!

Shopping on Temu:

Temu offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING & FREE RETURNS and you can contact them 24/7. Also, if your order is delayed you get $5 credit, and if you don’t get it within 30 days you get full refund!

The Temu app has extra offers and discounts, plus other benefits. You can read our thorough Temu app review here: Temu App: Shop Like a Billionaire


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