Switching to TREE FREE Paper

What is tree free paper
Do you know that about 15 billions trees are cut down every year? And at least half of them end like paper products. Sadly, that means that every other second a tree dies to serve the needs of the paper manufacturing industry… Even though tree-free paper production exists for decades!  The good news is that more and more conscious individuals switch to tree-free paper every year, according to the American Forest and Paper Association. Are you one of them?

It’s up to all of us and the demand for eco-friendly goods to lead the way and

eliminate the fierce deforestation of


What is tree-free paper made of

    • Wild plants – bamboo, hemp, flax and more.
    • Agricultural residues from sugarcane pulp, wheat straws etc.
    • Recycled materials like paper waste, cardboard and plastic.

Top tree-free paper products

    1. Bamboo toilet paper, tissue, napkins, kitchen roll
    1. Tree-free copy paper and stationary
    1. Recycled paper bags (incl. gift bags), wrapping paper and greeting cards

The ‘Green Switch’

In 2024, there many ways you can buy tree-free paper goods and do your bit for our planet. You can either search for them on the shelfs or take your pick online. There is a number of branded websites, offering a range of ecological, wood-free, paper stock. The easiest way, though, would be to go on Amazon right here: https://amzn.to/3Uvp3NQ, where you’ll NATURALLY discover a huge selection of recommended tree-free paper merchandise 🙂

“Take paper. Leave trees.” GROVE CO.

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    Written by Sylvia Storey

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