5 Power Foods to Boost Your Workout

Fuelling up your body for workouts is like putting gas in your car — it helps you accelerate when needed. Read further to know more about some power foods that help in improving your fitness regime.

Have you ever struggled to get that last few reps in the gym, gasping for breath to finish your workout? Believe it or not, the right kind of food and nutrition can fix your problem and help you power through your workouts.

The food that goes into your body before and after a workout can affect your progress and recovery massively. The right ingredients and hydration can do wonders for your body. Let’s know about 5 magic foods that can help you to fuel up your body and finish the set.

1. Banana

No surprises here. Meet any athlete or gym freak, and they’ll tell you the countless benefits of bananas. A healthy and clean source of carbohydrates, consuming a banana before a workout keeps your body running for longer durations in the gym. Eat raw or add it to your smoothies to activate your muscles before an intense session.

2. Coffee

Go fetch a mug and pour some coffee for yourself to enjoy your next workout. That hot cup of joe boosts your motivation to work out and pushes you to go the extra distance. Caffeinated people are more likely to stick to their fitness regimes too.

3. Oatmeal

Another rich and pure source of healthy carbs, oatmeal, is broken down by the body to slowly release glucose, which is the main currency of energy that runs the body. The fiber in the oatmeal provides a consistent supply of energy so that you don’t feel tired while finishing that last set of the day.

4. Almonds

All nuts contain protein which is the building block of muscles in the body. Almonds are also rich in healthy fats. They also contain amino acid arginine that is responsible for improving blood flow in the body during an intense workout. So use almonds and other such nuts as snacks while on the move to keep that healthy lifestyle going.

5. Blueberries

Berries are tasty and healthy — the perfect combo for any gym aficionado who craves better flavors than their regular workout meals. The carb-rich berries are loaded with antioxidants too that help in relieving the post-workout pain and stiffness. Studies reveal improved recovery in people who take blueberry smoothies before and after an intense workout.


No matter the individual ingredients, the secret to a successful workout regime is a balanced diet. Taking a little of everything with a bit more of the above-mentioned foods can do wonders for your body. You would notice visible results in just a matter of a few weeks. However, you must not forget that consistency is the key — both for diet and exercise — to achieve the desired goal for your body. So go on, head straight to the gym but don’t forget to sip on that amazing banana-blueberry smoothie!

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