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E-shopping has become almost a daily routine for many of us. From daily supplies to holiday gifts for our beloved ones – we buy everything online. Multiple local or global apps make e-shopping easy and convenient for all of us. They are constantly trying to upgrade their products so that it offers a better experience, more secure payment, faster delivery, hustle free returning policy and more. So much so that sometimes it is hard to determine which ones are better to use. One of the many apps that are on the market today is the Flipkart online shopping app. It offers everything you might want to see on an e-commerce app and is truly worth trying.  

What is Flipkart ?

Flipkart is an online shopping app that offers easy and fast shopping experience. You can buy items from multiple product categories including electronics, clothes, furniture, accessories, nutrition and many more. The Flipkart app makes it easy to find and purchase products you are looking for. Moreover, you will not have to worry about product quality or misconduct of the seller. You can check the rating of the seller and the product when viewing the product and decide accordingly.   

The Flipkart app makes shopping more enjoyable for its users by introducing discounts, special offers and deals not only on holidays but all year round. Sounds exciting? Flipkart has more features that you must be aware of! 

A wide selection of product

One of the main reasons we love online shopping is its convenience. You can order everything you want from your couch and get them delivered at your doorstep. Hence, an e-commerce app of your choice must have a wide selection of products. The Flipkart app meets all the requirements of even the most pretentious buyer. The product selection covers all major categories from furniture to medical supplies and daily groceries. The selection of products under each category is wide as well.  

With the Flipkart app, it is easy to find items even for a first-time e-shopper. All you need to do is to choose the category of your choice or simply write what you are searching for in the search tab. As a result, you will get tens of pages listing quality products you can choose from.  If you know what exactly you are looking for, you can narrow down your search using filters such as style, color, price range, brand or even pattern and add products to your Wishlist with a single tap.  

Safe shopping experience

Buying things online might be frustrating when the product you receive does not meet the quality of the product you ordered. With the Flipkart app, you never have to worry about such cases! The app has a thoughtful rating system that allows users to rate the product and service quality separately.  

You can see the details of the seller as well as the rating when checking out the product. The product quality rating is measured by the feedback and returns of the customers while the service quality is determined by on-time dispatches and low cancellations. With this, the Flipkart app makes it easier for you to choose the product and seller smarter and be sure that the item you ordered will be delivered on time and in perfect condition.   

To make your shopping experience even safer Flipkart offers you to check product images by certified buyers before you decide on buying. You will even receive an extra discount if you make a quality check before buying items! Last but not least, you can get accidental damage protection or an extended warranty and never worry about valuable items you order!  

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Convenient payment methods

The Flipkart app offers several payment methods so you can choose the one that is most convenient for you. You can use traditional methods such as credit or debit card and net banking; modern ways of payment – like UPI enabled PhonePe or even good old cash on delivery. That’s not all, Flipkart also offers “Buy Now Pay Later” option to its users. What can be better than that?

Discounts, special deals and offers

As a cherry on top, the Flipkart app has special deals and discounts all year round. You do not have to wait for the black Friday or the Cyber Monday deals to buy things online. You can simply go to the “offer zone” or check the “Deals of the day” and enjoy special prices for the products you want. Afraid to miss out a good deal? Not a problem at all. The Flipkart app will send you personalized offers, inform you when prices drop on certain items and even let you know about upcoming sales so that you do not miss any great deal!  

What else can you get with the Flipkart app

To enjoy Flipkart app the fullest you can use its latest features. With the new updates, you can discover new ideas to try and even book your flight tickets instantly! If you are competitive and enjoy winning you can play the game and win rewards every day!  

Become Flipkart Plus member

If you prefer shopping online and buy most of the things on e-commerce apps, you might want to consider becoming a plus member on Flipkart. It offers advanced shopping experience to the buyers who earn 300 SuperCoins in the consecutive 12 months period. Flipkart Plus members enjoy free delivery that is faster than the standard one. They also can earn and exchange coins for rewards, but most importantly they have early access to sales!  

Start collecting coins on the Flipkart app today

The Flipkart app not only offers wide selections of items but is very convenient to use. You can enjoy the user-friendly design of an app to buy desired items from the best sellers quickly and easily with the best price! Receive notifications about the sales and price drops to save money and collect SuperCoins to get superior shopping experience! Sounds good? Start today and download the free Flipkart mobile app from Google Play or App Store! 

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