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Crazy Sales – The One Stop Shop

Crazy sales shopping app

Crazy Sales – Australian E-commerce One Stop Shop

Crazy Sales is an Australian based e-commerce retail store featuring products in almost every category imaginable. From pet supplies to musical instruments, their catalogue is extensive and surprisingly affordable. They offer competitive pricing and regular discounts, staying true to their name, so customers are always met with a deal.

In addition to its financial incentives, Crazy Sales also boasts some amenities only found online. With reasonable customer service hours, fast deliveries, loyalty points, and generous return policy, they provide a host of benefits to their customers. Recognized for their unique online shopping experience, their efforts have earned them over a million customers and an award for online shopping.

The Crazy Sales app features

Their Android app is fitting of an e-commerce store with comprehensive services. The Crazy Sales App has all the features you can find on their website, and more. With over 10,000 products available covering a wide range of categories, you can easily browse through their store and find anything you want.

Their interface is intuitive, so even the most novice mobile users can easily navigate their selections. Each product can be found under its relevant category, and most products come with several reviews and a rating out of five stars. If you’re just browsing for products on sale, you can skim through the front page and see their store highlights upon your first click.

While their website offers more freedom than a brick and mortar store, the Crazy Sales App takes this to another level. You can now look up products on the go from anywhere in the country, safely and with ease. This is the perfect accessory for any smart shopper. If you’re in a store and a product looks overpriced, or you simply want to see if you can get it at a better deal, you can pull out the Crazy Sales App and have a look.

Quick and easy checkout process

However, browsing isn’t the only feature of the app, if you see a product you want to purchase there’s no need to find a laptop or go to the website. You can order directly from the app itself in minutes or add the product to your shopping cart so you can buy it later.

The Crazy Sales App is also a great way to stay connected to the company. You can receive notifications on new sales and services and be the first to take advantage of them. You can also give feedback on your purchases by reviewing and rating products from the comfort of your mobile device.

Stay on top of your deliveries with regular updates and get real-time notifications for your package delivery status. This is perhaps the best feature of the app because it’s so integrated into your regular mobile usage. Despite the convenience of a website, no one stays logged in all day, and few keep up with their email updates. The Crazy Sales App allows you to get consistent delivery updates without any hassle.

The Crazy Sales App is a great way to get satisfy all your online shopping needs in an easy, streamlined way. All you need is Android 4.0 or higher, a Wi-Fi connection, and a Crazy Sales account.


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