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RockWear: Sportswear & Fashion Application

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RockWear is an international luxury clothing brand specializing in yoga and sportswear. Conceived and created in Australia, RockWear has also launched in Korea and serves customers from all over the world with stores in Japan, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Bringing high-end quality clothing to their customers at affordable prices, RockWear focuses their collections on a variety of styles and trends.

Suitable for any sport and workout

RockWear clothing is designed to be worn during any workout. Whether you’re engaged in an outdoor sport or a more laidback indoor routine, these activewear clothing are made to be functional anywhere, anytime. They’re also fashionable and comfortable enough to wear casually, so they’re as versatile as they are specialized.

Always on top of the latest fashion trends hitting the scene in Asia, Oceania, and Europe, RockWear is the perfect brand for anyone looking to stay in vogue, from youths to mature customers and everyone in between. Like their online store, the RockWear App features both English and Korean so customers always understand their products.

The RockWear App Features

The RockWear App utilizes a straightforward interface and pleasant product pages. Shop by section for tops, jackets, and pants, or click on the ‘new’ tab to see the latest releases. Each product comes in a variety of sizes, with some even featuring a choice of color or style. The sizes aren’t just arbitrary numbers either, they list out the applicable measurements too.

The unique thing about RockWear is its dedication to their niche clientele. Each product description goes into detail on the fabric of the clothing and the best-suited activities for it. The fabric guide can be used by customers to find the perfect top for their marathon, the best pants for their yoga class, or anything else they desire.

Each product description also comes with care instructions on how to maintain and clean the product after use. The RockWear App goes to great lengths to ensure their clients get all the information they need to make a purchase. The product pages are neat and feature a drop-down design so you can select the information you’re looking for.

Easy and straightforward process

They also use a variety of poses and pictures to ensure you get a good idea of the clothing before you make a purchase. Speaking of purchases, all app purchases work like their website equivalent. All you need is an account, and you can purchase anything from the comfort of your mobile device, from anywhere in the world. The RockWear App ensures the privacy and safety of their customers, so you can shop with ease.

On the RockWear App, customers can log in and add items to their cart or check-out and purchase directly from the app. The prices are the same as their website listings, but they also advertise regular discounts on the app so you can stay on top of sales without going to the website.

Ready to start?

The RockWear App is also relatively new. Having been released in 2018, they have had enough time to work out the bugs, but are still new enough to have that fresh, elegant design. All you need is Android 4.3 and up, a Wi-Fi connection, and a RockWear account, to get started on your online shopping.

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