Factors to look for while buying a Laser Rangefinder

Gone are the days when people used large and cumbersome optical rangefinders to measure distances. With the onset of the digital era, laser rangefinders have come into play, where even the lower-priced ones have greater accuracy than inferior optical rangefinders counterparts.

Laser rangefinders are devices which are used to measure the distance between the subject and the object through a laser beam, and provide an accurate reading of the distance on the screen. 

The highest range of a laser rangefinder is 1 mile, with its accuracy being 0.2 inches (0.5cm). A rangefinder is generally used for military purposes, along with surveying remote points on difficult terrains.


There are undeniably a lot of rangefinders which are competing with the upcoming ones every day. The priority is to purchase a proper LRF, without burning a hole in your pocket. 

The best LRFs the market, offer variations on these common factors – 

  • Range: There are LRFs which offer ranges from 300 to 1500 yards and some range distances greater than 1 km. The only difference here is the quality of the computer chip used to process information of measuring the distance. While factoring in range as a criteria, one needs to know the approximate target distance, prior to buying an LRF.

    One needs to be very skeptical about the maximum range mentioned on the LRFs. It requires a lot of variables when it comes to range listing, due to which the manufacturers have stopped mentioning it on LRFs. So when an LRF comes with a maximum range, there is low guarantee that it will perform accordingly.

  • Angle Compensation: If one had to use an LRF across a flat field, angle compensation would not be required on an LRF. Angle compensation is used when the subject and the object are at different levels of elevation.

    By rapidly and precisely dealing with the shot angle and perceived distance, these features make work of high-edge shots and release a real flat separation. Some LRFs may also display the angle involved. From the vantage point, the shooter needs just to modify his sights to coordinate. 
  • Weather Proof: Any natural factor that repels light emission or scatters light emission, can impact the execution of your LRF. The speed of light is steady in a vacuum, however, it shifts when going through atmospheric space on Earth. For example, the speed of light is distinctive through the denser air.

    Factors like height, humidity and even temperature, which influence air thickness, can likewise influence the precision of an LRF. As a rule, these elements are just of little concern and would all be able to yet overlooked for field work, yet they’re important to keep in mind.

Best Laser Rangefinders 2019


Ideally built for both professional and household requirements, the BOSCH GLM 40 LASER DISTANCE MEASURER is compactly designed to perform all relevant functions. 

With a measurement up to 40 m, it automatically measures the area, volume, the Pythagoras measurement with an accuracy of 1.5mm and stores up to 10 calculations simultaneously. It has a robust housing with IP54, which provides dust and splash water protection. 

It comes with a simple and easy interface, which is user-friendly and has an added feature of continuous measurement. It is equipped with a backlit screen, which supports usage in dark rooms. With a long lasting battery life which accounts for 5,000 measurements approx. this is rangefinder is worth the money.

2) Stok St-Ldm40 – (0.05 To 40 Meters)Laser Rangefinder
Stok’s Laser Rangefinder is a portable device, which comes with a wrist wrap and a carry case. It has a self-calibration function with an adjusting range of -9 to 9mm ,and multiple functions embedded in it. The other features include addition or subtraction, greater battery life with 2 AAA batteries pre-installed, mini laser distance and a measuring unit switch.

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