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YOOX: Art and fashion items to express yourself

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Clothes and accessories help us express ourselves. The way we dress can say a lot about our personality and character. For those who live by this statement, it might be hard to find the right clothes. As they must not only look nice and fit perfectly, but also reflect owner’s personality. The YOOX app is an online platform that offers design clothes to those, for whom style and character are something to look for when shopping.  

Shop fashion, design and art on the YOOX app

YOOX offers a wide choice of clothes, accessories and art for women, men and kids. Users can get a personalized shopping experience, check new arrivals every day and enjoy quick and easy navigation. The choice of clothes you can purchase is wide and can meet the fashion taste of different users.  

The YOOX app offers a comprehensive list of categories for clothes, design and fashion items. The list includes clothes, footwear, accessories, and activewear. But that’s not it. You can find many more fashionable items on the platform, such as bedroom and bathroom accessories, bicycle accessories, furnishings, gardening tech and all kinds of home accessories you might desire. There is a separate category for the lovers of art, where you can find books, art objects, and unique artwork.  

The list of designers listed on the platform is quite impressive. The YOOX app offers clothes of leading designers including but not limited to Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and many more. Hence, if you like to have designer clothes in your wardrobe, the YOOX app is a place for you to shop for clothes.  

The YOOX app features

The app is not prominent for the choice of the designers and fashion items only. It has features that make the shopping experience more personal, easier and enjoyable.  

Create your personal space

When registering on the YOOX app, you can create MYOOX space and allow the app to send you information and updates. You will get the information about the new arrivals and will be the first one to know about sales and promotions.  This way, you will never miss a great deal for the items you dream of getting! You will be able to track items that you buy on your MYOOX space and stay updated.  

Save your favorite items in your dream box

When you like something but do not know if you should purchase it now or later, you can put it in your dream box. It will help you stay updated about its availability and never lose the item you desire.  

Buy easily and track your orders

The YOOX app features make your purchase experience easier and more personalized. If you have already bought anything from the app, it can save your mailing address and let you buy quickly and securely. Once you purchase your desired item, you will receive the tracking number on your email. You will always stay updated and know where your shipment is.  

If you do not like the item once it is delivered to you, or it does not fit well, you can always return it. The YOOX app has 60 days return policy. All shipments have a pre-paid UPS return labels that make the process easy and comfortable for buyers.  

Stay inspired and express yourself

The YOOX app is a place of inspiration and expression. You can get inspiration for your next perfect looks and always stay up to date with the new styles and trends. You can find clothes from inspirational designers and items from international artists. It makes the YOOX app the perfect place for shopping. Download the app today from the Google Play and App Store and get inspired to express yourself!  


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