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Gearbest: Affordable quality and a great shopping experience

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While staying at home for such a long time during the coronavirus, we all have a lot more time in our hands. It is a great time to explore interests and hobbies, make home improvements, or get into the gardening. If these sound like something you would like to do the Gearbest app is the best solution for you! You can use it to buy electronics, new mobile or computer products, or renew your home appliances.

What can you buy on Gearbest?

Gearbest has a wide choice of products. There are multiple categories for you to explore and various brands you can choose. Any appliance you might need for yourself, your house, garden or the office, you will find in on the Gearbest app. Let’s see some of the most popular product categories you can explore on the platform.  

Home and garden appliances

Gearbest has everything to make your home even more comfortable. Starting from small items like the air purifier to the systems like smart home systems, you can find anything you want to have at your home. 

Home improvement tools

For those who are handy and like to improve their houses by themselves, the Gearbest app is the best place to shop. There are multiple home improvement tools. You can buy single instruments or special toolkits. 

Office supplies

For many of us, our home is the office now. We are working from home but we still need the proper equipment. Does not matter if you working from home, or at the office, you can find products for productive work on the Gearbest app. You can buy computers, tablets, projectors, printers, and more. 

Industrial and Scientific products

In this category, you can find products like 3D printers and scanners, laser engraver and accessories, testers and detectors, and other professional tools.  

What else?

There are many more interesting products you can view on the Gearbest app. Other categories include cell phones and accessories, consumer electronics, motor and car electronics, and even products for outdoor activities and fitness.  

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The Gearbest app features

The Gearbest app features create a smooth shopping experience and help you save money when buying the products you like. It gives every new user $3 coupon upon registering and offers exclusive, app-only deals and prices. There are constant giveaways, daily coupons, and giveaways, for those who shop on the Gearbest app. It also offers daily sing ins for its users to get GB points and a daily lucky draw. With it, you can win multiple gifts! These features make your shopping experience more fun and exciting! 

When you have so many different products at your fingertips, sometimes it is hard to decide which one to buy. To make the best decision and always be satisfied with the product you buy on the Gearbest app, the platform offers multiple customer reviews and community reviews. With the help of this feature, you can always be sure you are buying the best product! When you choose what you want to purchase, you can buy it directly or add it to your favorite list to purchase later.  

Purchasing & tracking on the Gearbest app

Once you make up your mind on what to buy you can easily purchase the product. The Gearbest has warehouses all around the USA, EU, and China. It makes delivery easier, and more comfortable, as you can receive your items in a shorter time, depending on your location. As the Gearbest app is international it supports multiple currencies. There are up to 40 currencies you can pay with, when purchasing an item, including EUR, GBP, USD, ZAR, DKK, HKD, and many more. Wherever you are, you can order from the app and it will deliver items right at your doorsteps! With the tracking feature, you can easily manage your orders and find out where exactly is your shipment at any moment! 

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Enjoy the best quality and affordable prices on the Gearbest app

The Gearbest app has a great mix of quality and affordable prices! You can always find something you like in the wide range of products. Download the Gearbest online shopping app today and enjoy a great shopping experience!  

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