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The craze for shopping can never be erased from the hearts of people around the world. But there are some conditions which come along with shopping and that are that you have to get out of bed to go to the shopping centers and interact with people for what you want. But what if there is an amazing online shopping app that lets you buy whatever you want and wherever you want?  Well, if you are from Vietnam Sendo is that miracle app for you!

What is Sendo?

Sendo is a leading online shopping app in Vietnam, which is sponsored by the biggest technology company, FPT Group. This app gives you the benefit of buying quality items on affordable rates and lots of other deals. With Sendo, you can do your Black Friday sale shopping with ease and find found-nowhere-before discount coupons and offers. It is your one-stop-shop app for the best deals; it gives you those deals which are not available anywhere else and gives you offers which you can’t resist. You can find millions of products here and that too, on incredibly low rates. Sendo is always improving to give its users what they want without making them go through unnecessarily long and complex checking-out processes.

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App Features

Scroll down to find some of the amazing features of this amazing shopping app:

  1. Golden Hour Free Shipping

During the golden hour of the Sendo online shopping app, you can have your favorite items delivered to your doorsteps for free. Save the money you were to spend on shipping charges to buy more from millions of products available at Sendo.

  1. Security

All the payments made through the app are fully secure, where the privacy of the customer is the topmost priority. So, you can shop online without having a fear of losing your data.

  1. Return Policy

The return policy of the Sendo online shopping app lets you return the products and receive a full refund within 48 hours of purchase in case you are not satisfied with them. This enables you to use the refund to complete your Black Friday shopping list, again at discounted rates and with amazing service.

  1. Free Shipping

Those people who are living in Vietnam can avail free shipping nationwide so that you can use the shipping fee to buy more products for a happy shopping experience. For those living outside of Vietnam, you can enjoy the golden hour free shipping feature.

  1. Tracking

With the tracking feature of this app, you can track your order from the moment you place it so that you can quickly get the latest updates on your order delivery.

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