Choosing a good supplier on Aliexpress

Aliexpress shopping app
Aliexpress shopping app

Online shopping has not only facilitated people when it comes to buying their favorite products but, after a massive rise in the trend of using online shopping apps, has also turned into an enormous business in the world of e-commerce. There are hundreds of online shopping apps that anyone can download from the internet with a single click. The use of such apps is being seen around the world where people prefer using these apps so that they can stay in their beds instead of going to shopping malls to get the thing they want.

Scams and Frauds

The trend of online shopping has also given rise to scams and frauds related to these online shopping apps. Some dealers use sensitive information of their customers for malicious motives; others coax money out of their customers and send them faulty products; in some cases, people don’t get the product they had ordered, and in others, people don’t even get anything, wasting their time and money.

AliExpress - Smarter Shopping, Better Living

AliExpress is an online shopping app that is trusted and loved by people around the world. Here you can find a wide range of products and filter your search results to find the product that you were looking for all along. This app also provides you with a lot of discount coupons, deals, and flash sales, which can help you save money and buy more for less. It also promises secure payments and provides you with customer support 24/7. Free shipping is available on over 75% of products, and there are no hidden charges either. So, you get your favorite products at incredibly low rates.

AliExpress mobile app in-app screen preview.

Choosing a Good Supplier

  1. Reputed Sellers

Always look for sellers who have 95% and higher positive feedback on their timeline. A supplier who has a 2000 feedback score and a 95% positive feedback rate is seen as a reputed seller. But it is only a general rule; there can be suppliers with less rating and still be good.

  1. Comparing Prices

Before buying any product, you must compare the prices against competitors. If there is a product posted by a supplier with little to no feedback and is available at an extremely low price, it is probably a scam.

  1. Product Authenticity

There is a huge issue of fake products on AliExpress, and it can be difficult telling the authentic from the fake ones. So, always check the feedback score to determine whether the product is original or not.

  1. Item Description

You should never order something before reading its description as you can be scammed. The product description can give some useful information about what you will be getting. So, before placing an order, always read the description first.

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