Which products have increased demand during the pandemic?

Sports equipment, tech accessories, and hobby gadgets on increased demand after the onset of the pandemic.

Coronavirus has affected our lives in so many ways. The way we live, work, spend our time and money has changed. Due to this, some of the industries and even single brands have seen a spike in sales. Video conferences, ordering food and groceries, stocking sanitizers and other products alike has become an integral part of our lives.

But besides these industries and activities, some of the products have also seen booms in demand. Here are some of such items that have increased demand during the pandemic.

Computer accessories

It is not surprising that computer accessories open the list of products in high demand during Covid-19. Millions of people all around the world started working from home almost immediately when coronavirus started spreading. Due to this, a lot of people had to update their setups. At that time, the interest in external monitors has almost doubled. Some of the items in high demand also include microphones, keyboards, routers, video camera and other accessories that people need to work comfortably from their homes. In addition to this, standing desks are also in high demand.

Fitness equipment

Without the possibility to go to the gym, people started to bring the gym to their homes, especially when there is no clear answer when everything will go back to normal.  In some countries, gyms are now open, but people still choose not to go there just yet, as they avoid public and crowded places. The demand has increased on workout gears, cardio machines, and weights that allow people to workout at home.

DIY and home improvement items

In some countries, there is a massive surge in DIY and home improvement departments. Since people are staying at home all day, repairing and fixing the house sounds like a great idea. Many lockdowners found interest in painting walls or repairing woodworks or in creating DIY items to give their flats a fresh look.

While in quarantine, many people turned to gardening as well, which resulted in increased demand for gardening items.

Bread Machines

Interestingly enough, people in self-isolation have found their comfort in bread-making. U.S retailers have sold four times more bread making machines, than in the previous year. The reason might be the pure boredom, seeking for comfort food, or simply the logistics. As people would choose to buy the bread machine and ingredients rather than visit the market several times to buy bread.

Other items from similar cooking appliances include rice cookers, waffle irons, and electric pasta makers.

Nail care kits

As beauty and nail salons are closed due to the lockdown, many women started to do the nail care procedures by themselves. As a result, the demand on nail care kits, nail polish and treatment remedies has increased since the lockdown started.

Apart from the clear reason to have their nails taken care of, many women started buying such kits as they find nail care therapeutic and soothing.

Jigsaw puzzles

While being at home, at some point usual activities, such as watching TV series can become boring. To entertain themselves many people started purchasing good old Jigsaw puzzles. It is a great activity, especially when you have a lot of time in your hands. Even more, the demand for it is at its historic highest! 

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Written by Stoyan Ivanov

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