Spring/Summer Fashion Trend Forecast 2021

Fashion photo of a woman wearing clothes from a spring/summer collection.

The fashion world should spring back to life in 2021 after a subdued 2020. As more people grow interested in going out once more and looking good, retail shops are bound to be busy with shoppers seeking the latest trends from top designers.

Some of the trends expected for 2021 are throwbacks to yesteryear, while a few are new looks that may catch fire. Which looks will set the spring and summer of next year alight? Here is a look at five trends to look out for.

1 Oversized blazer

Inspired by 1980s Wall Street, the oversized women’s blazer (featuring shoulder pads) is set to make a return to the fashion world. The look is completed with a pair of straight-leg trousers or skinner jeans. Many designers are going for oversized blazers that truly envelope their models in the jackets. Long sleeves and a long torso will be popular ways to wear an oversized blazer.

2 Facemasks

The facemask look isn’t going away. In fact, designers are now making the facemask fashion over function. Which color of facemask will people be wearing in spring/summer 2021? Black facemasks will be the rage as the color goes with a range of outfit combinations. Designers are also putting a lot of thought into the way facemasks look in other ways than color. Shoppers will be able to find some different looking cuts that provide a fashionable look to keeping them safe and looking sharp.


Along with facemasks, designers are focusing on more head coverings in 2021. Taking nods from Gypsy culture and 1950s America, headscarves are back giving women the chance to cover up their hair on windy days or to accent any outfit. Women can summon their inner Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis by donning a headscarf in the spring, giving themselves a new sense of sophistication.

Ultra-wide trousers

What about the trends for men? It appears that the slim and skinny trouser looks of the past few years are over. Men’s designers have been working on ultra-wide leg trousers. Think of the look as a call back to the late-1990s and early-2000s, but bigger. Regardless of the style of trousers – jeans, cargo, joggers, chinos – the legs have been given plenty of room. While recent years saw trousers so slim it was difficult to believe a man could get into them, spring and summer 2021 will see trousers with legs large enough for two people.

Women’s power pants

With more people working at home due to COVID-19, there has been an increase in delivering comfy clothes that still make the wearer feel like they are working at an office. Everyone wants to look and feel good when working from home. Designers have taken note of the women’s power pants to look. Taking cues from 1980s women’s power suits, designers have created comfortable, aesthetically pleasing trousers that look great working from home, walking around the neighborhood, or going out for a power lunch. These easy to wear trousers will make a variety of activities comfortable to complete.

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