Sheego – make informed choices about your outfit!

Sheego proves to be a unique fashion mobile app designed for Android devices. The app is freely available on Google Play Store.

Sheego helps women satisfy their appetite for
exclusive fashionable garments. It lets you choose from the latest and trending
styles, types of clothes and colors, along with combinations and sizes you can
wear, helping you make informed choices about what you wear. The app aids in
flowing with the trend of the latest world fashion. It also enables women of any
size make a fashion collection just like anyone else would. You can now dress to
show how full of life and confidence you are. On the other hand, the app also
comprises fashionable plus size clothes, which are both trendy and

The are also newly introduced special features include the including several clothing guides, and the Sheego jeans collections.

The application is very light and
storage-friendly; it takes minimal storage space compared to most of its competitors
as it is as small as 6 Mb! The current version of Sheego is 1.12 is the latest
one and supports any Android 5.0 device or above.

Sheego mobile app is widely accepted and has received
good approval and support from worldwide users. Actually more than a hundred
thousand (100,000+), users have downloaded and are using the app, which only
goes to prove it’s helpful. It’s been given a 4.7 star rating, which only goes
to say that Sheego meets the ever-growing user expectations, as it has a
user-friendly interface, and navigation is very easy.

Advantages of using Sheego

  • Sheego is updated regularly with exclusive and attractive new offers;
  • The application is very intuitive, so it’s easy to use even for a first-time buyer;
  • Direct payments can be done directly from your account;
  • Prices remain unchanged regardless of the sizes of the clothes. So there’s no extra cost for ordering any plus size garments.
  • You can have all your fashion desires satisfied on a single go on Sheego; pants, jeans, evening or knitted dresses, etc.
  • At Sheego, our priority is to serve you best; therefore, we offer a window of 30 days for the buyer to return any defective goods.
  • Also, we have newly reintroduced an installment payment plan. This allows you to pay conveniently and in installments for the wears you get on this platform.

Sheego Services

  • Advice on fitting wears based on your figures and how to to choose the right fit. Sheego app remains the only app that provides a fashion magazine. Every new week, there are new topics based on the fashion that trends, lifestyle, DIY, and advices.
  • Advice on colors and combinations. The app can help you combine colors that blend well, one with another, based on the type of your skin. Sheego leaves you with nothing short of a ‘wow’ expression.
  • It also helps you make the right choice of swimwear that gets you covered and comfortable while swimming.


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