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RoseGal: Trendy and inexpensive clothes for every size!


Have you ever liked a dress or swimwear, but could not find your size or the one that fits your curves perfectly? You are not alone! Even though there are dozens of online shopping websites and apps on the market, you might still be disappointed in the variety of choices for women, that wear a bigger size. But fashion is for everyone and you do not have to settle for clothes, just because the one you like is for size S. Thankfully, there are a few online destinations, where you can find clothes, that are exciting and at the same time fit you just perfectly! The RoseGal app is one of them! There you can find fashion-forward designs and modern pieces of clothes that match your size and personality.  

What is RoseGal

RoseGal is an online shopping app that offers clothes for women and men in every size but focuses on plus size. It has a wide variety of clothes that you can hardly find anywhere else! The app has a huge selection of distinctive clothing items for individuals like you.  

The clothes are available in every color and style. From vintage clothes to the contemporary style, from size XXS to 4XL – there is everything we love about fashion available on the app. Most importantly, every piece of cloth is exquisite and charismatic. You can find something that fits your sense of style, aesthetics, size and even your personality.   

What can you purchase on the Rosegal app?

The RoseGal app is not for clothes only. You can find beautiful accessories to match your apparel, shoes, and bags that will give the final touch to your look. The app also offers modern and stylish wigs in 160 different styles. Lastly, the app has a wide selection of home décor items and garden supplies. Let’s check out what exactly you can buy on the RoseGal app.

Plus size clothes

Unfortunately, few designer clothes are for plus size women. But it does not mean that stylish clothes are for XS only. On the RoseGal app, there is a whole section for plus size only. You can purchase tops and bottoms, dresses, swimwear, outwear, clothes for sport, and other clothing items. There is a new line for curvy girl where you can find the clothes that fit your curves perfectly!  

Thanks to the easy search filters you can find what you are looking for in a minute. You can search by the items, by the trend, by occasion or by the size. You have multiple choices right at your fingerprints.  

The RoseGal app believes in fashion in all sizes. However, it does not mean that you cannot find perfect clothes for you if you are not plus size. On the contrary, there is a wide selection of clothing items for every size for both women and men.   


Bags and shoes

You might be wearing a lovely dress, but if the bag and shoes are not right all the magic is gone. There are multiple different styles of bags and shoes on the RoseGal app. Looking for a shoulder bag, crossbody bags backpack, wallet or a clutch? You can find the one you are going to love! Search by the color if you want to match your bag to outwear, filter by price, style, main material, and even by the closure type. The selection of shoes is even wider. Find shoes for every style and occasion with the best price available.   

Rosegal App logo and review

Accessories and wigs

You will need some nice accessories to elevate your look. The RoseGal app features the most original accessories you might wish for. Various jewelry, scarves, hair accessories, belts, gloves, sunglasses, hats, and even wigs are readily available for you to choose. The abundance of styles will surprise you. From contemporary to bohemian, from vintage to ethnic, you can find everything to give your look a special touch. 

Home and gardening

Add coziness to your home with the decorative items from the RoseGal app. You can buy wall décor to make your room more exciting, items for kitchen and dining, or bed and bath. You can purchase organizers to make your house more comfortable, garden supplies to make gardening easier and more enjoyable and items for your smart home. There are plenty of festive and party supplies that will make your celebrations and house parties more thrilling.    

Shortly said, everything you might want for yourself and your home is available on the RoseGal app. The best thing is that almost every item is below $20! If you are shopping on a budget, you can always search for the discounts and get even better deals! Most importantly over 200 new items are added daily on the app. You can find something new and exciting every day!  

How can you order from RoseGal

RoseGal is a global online retailer and delivers items worldwide. Order the item you like and enjoy the smooth shipping service that the RoseGal app offers. There are multiple payment methods you can use to order things from the app. You can use a Credit card, PayPal, Boleto Bancario if you live in Brazil, wire transfer, PayPal credit that is available for USA customers only, Ideal for Netherlands customers, and RoseGal wallet.  

Shipping methods include standard shipping, priority direct mail, and expedited shipping. It depends on the country you want to deliver the order to. You can check out which shipping method is available for the country you are living in on the official website of the RoseGal app and order according

Get exclusive deals and save money

While the items on the app are affordable for everyone to buy, Rosegal still offers various deals and discounts to its customers. You can get app-exclusive deals when using the RoseGal app for shopping and buy every product with up to $5 off. There is 10% off coupon available for every paid order. Every time you order something you get a discount for future purchases! The RoseGal app also gives you R points for different activities. You can get them simply for signing on the app every day! This way, you can always get the best deals and buy as many items as you like!  

Fall in love with fashion all over again

Looking stylish might be more difficult for plus size women as it is hard to find trendy clothes that match the size. The RoseGal app offers just that! With it, you will fall in love with fashion all over again! Download the app from Google Play and App Store and find perfectly fitting clothes you are going to love!   


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