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Tips to store summer clothes in winter

Although we do not wish, the summer as everything has its end; and with it comes times of withdrawal, of cold winds that will move us away for months from the warm sun, of the pleasant walks in skirt and T-shirt and of those delicious visits the beach in our favorite swimsuits.

And of course, we must replace the clothes in our closet, a task to successfully store and preserve our summer clothes, until the next meeting.

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What are the steps for storing summer clothes?

While you take advantage to gather all your summer clothes to dust off your winter clothes; you should take the time to make a quick review of these pieces that you still have on hand because they are inside your closet.

Plan to guarantee the order

A change of closet per season is not an easy task, but neither is it impossible. The important thing is that in the process, you keep a good attitude and fill yourself with patience. With a clear mind, you can better appreciate the things around you and plan accordingly, the best way to organize and store your summer clothes. The best thing is, through this task, you will have the opportunity to purify your space and give new airs to your closet; taking care of one of your most precious goods: your clothes.

Check the state of your clothes

In this process, you must separate the clean clothes from the dirty ones and stained clothes that you will undoubtedly have to send to the garbage. This revision will also, allow you to filter from your closet those clothes that even being in good condition, do not be an option for you next summer; which you can donate or give to other people who will give them a better use.

If among the clothes that you consider indispensable you find some that are dirty, don’t make cheat, and wash the clothes before putting them away. Your clothes will appreciate it, this way, they will be better preserved and you will guarantee yourself fabulous clothes in good condition to continue wearing them next summer.

Avoid using cardboard boxes or bags

If the drawers inside your closet are not spacious enough to hold unused clothing, we recommend that you make the effort to purchase plastic containers. They are a very good alternative to keep a significant amount of clothes, guaranteeing their good condition. You can also place these containers in an organized way inside the closet, under the bed, or in the attic. Their sealed lid will keep your dressing room safe.

The cardboard boxes are a risk because if the clothes get wet they can end up with terrible stains and irreparable damage. On the other hand, they are a magnet for pests that will only leave holes in your clothes. Bags are not recommended either because they take up a lot of space, they are easily torn and the clothes do not stay the same.

If in your particular case you have no other option but to use them, try not to cram the bag of clothes to avoid the risk of it breaking. Also, try to place some cardboard sheets lined with plastic at the bottom, to provide a good base. That way the clothes do not end up overflowing to the sides and make two medium stacks of clothes very well folded or rolled up.

Treat each piece with the softness of silk

Be careful when folding your clothes to avoid the formation of wrinkles and to make better use of space. A good recommendation is to unfold the tissue paper both at the bottom of the containers and between the clothes, in the best style of the lasagna.

Some advice that is not wasted is to avoid dusting the clothes with cornstarch, contrary to what many people assure, far from preserving the clothes that it does is dye them yellow. Do you want to show off your blouses with a shocking yellowish tone that will make them look dirty or stained? Keep the cornstarch away from your clothes!

In case you’re planning to leave some clothes hanging in the closet, cover them with a plastic cover to protect them from dust. Make sure you use plastic or wooden hangers because they are better than wire ones which are usually deformed.

Label each drawer

 When storing your clothes; try to be as organized as possible, especially if you will be using more than one container. You can choose to keep, for example: skirts, shorts, and overalls in one container; while another one serves to protect dresses, blouses, flannels and swimsuits. We also recommend protecting inside silk bags or in its defect in plastic bags with zipper, to assure better preservation of the materials.

Identify each container so that when a specific piece is required, you can go directly to it without having to search the rest. This way you will avoid falling into chaos and you will ensure a super simple and cool summer closet change. Extends care to your shoes too. You can store inside their own box, filled with some paper, as well as when they were new helping them keep their best shape.

Don’t forget to keep any fabric at risk of snagging very well folded.

Separate the white clothes from the colored ones to avoid any stain due to humidity and stacking. It is usual to divide your summer clothes guided by the type of garment or fabric; this is also another way to preserve its good condition.

If you want to preserve your clothes free of the smell of storage, put aromatic pills. Even often, opens the containers to allow air to circulate through the clothing, thus releasing moisture.

We hope that these recommendations for storing and preserving your summer clothes will be to your complete satisfaction and usefulness.

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