5 Ways To Dress Expensive with a Small Budget

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5 Ways To Dress Expensive with a Small Budget

Shopping on a budget can be difficult. Thanks to the internet, there are now millions of fashion e-commerce websites that you can shop from. If you’re on a budget, it’s easy to get drawn in by fast fashion items that promise to give you the latest trends at a bottom-dollar price. While this might save you money at that moment in time, these clothes are often not worth it. If you want to dress expensive on a small budget, we have a few tips to help you along the way.

Avoid fast fashion.

If you have a small budget, you want every piece in your wardrobe to work for you and to be extra versatile. Fast fashion garments tend to be so inexpensive that you think it’s too good to be true. While these clothes might be on-trend this month, they could go out of style in the blink of an eye. Instead, you should try and focus on building a wardrobe that is full of classic pieces that will never date. Think of garments that you have always seen in the shops – blazers, denim jeans, little black dresses, button-up shirts. Avoid fast fashion and think about how to get the most versatility out of your outfits.

Monochrome is a celebrity favorite

You can take a leaf out of the celebrity style book with pieces that already exist in your wardrobe. The monochrome trend is everywhere from streetwear style through to the runways of Fashion Week. By wearing an outfit that is one color or all the same tone, you can achieve a tailored look that appears far more expensive. Each piece of your outfit doesn’t have to be the exact same shade of the color and mixing your lookup with lighter and darker hues of your chosen color can instantly elevate your look. 

Learn what colors suit your complexion

When it comes to high fashion, there’s one thing that every fashion fan is conscious of – their color palette. While you can wear any color that your heart desires, there are naturally some colors that will flatter you more than others. To find your color palette, start by checking if you have warm or cool undertones. If you have a warm complexion, you should build your wardrobe up with golden colors, deeper reds, and caramel tones. For a cooler complexion, you’ll want to gravitate towards jewel shades like purple, royal blue, and amethyst.

Invest in accessories 

If you’re on a small budget and still want to invest in a few pieces, it’s always best to put your money into accessories. While shoes can be a good investment, you want to start with pieces that you’ll wear every day. You can invest in a structured top-handled handbag or a sleek black backpack that you know you’ll take with you every day on the go.

When in doubt, wear black

We all have days where we don’t know what to wear. You keep looking in your wardrobe, and there’s nothing that you want to wear. When in doubt, black is the safest choice. The color is naturally slimming and works with every complexion. Make sure that your wardrobe has different options in the color that you can wear to work, such as a black pantsuit, or at the weekend, like a pair of black denim jeans and an oversized hoodie.

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