5 ways to optimize your closet

If the order is not exactly your forte or you have a small space in your closet that does not allow you to take advantage of it at your leisure, this article is for you. Whatever the situation may be, here you will find some alternatives to organize and optimize your closet space and not lose your temper in the process.

The doors of your closet look like a monster about to explode, and you feel that you run the risk of dying, buried under your own clothes; do not fall into despair because certain tricks will allow you to take advantage of every centimeter with an order, practicality, and neatness.

Where to start?

The doors do not run or close because of the piles of clothes inside the closet, both cases can be by excess and a bad arrangement. So, the first thing you must do is extract all clothes and elements to make a study that allows you to decide what clothes you can keep. Relying on the method of Marie Kondo decluttering will be very helpful: “organize, eliminating the unnecessary.

1 Dedicate yourself to get out of what you don’t use

Cleanliness must be total, with no storage of things that have no particular use. This process will allow you to set up your closet with the clothes of the season, without forgetting – in any case – that with the arrival of autumn a greater space is needed due to the characteristics of the Nordic clothes, which are much wider and heavier than those of summer.

Remember the aim is to maximize space and in this sense, it is vital to dispense with all those clothes that will not be useful to us in the season; and at the same time to take extreme measures to ensure that each garment is correctly stored in other spaces. With this first step, you will surely give your closet a break.

Also try to remove from your closet all those items that are not part of it, such as books, photo albums, file cabinets, and so on. It wouldn’t be surprising if more than one of them found in your closet the ideal space to accumulate the objects it doesn’t find room in other spaces.

2 Take advantage of every millimeter

If you keep your clothes stored on a rack, there is a lot of unused space at the bottom of the closet; so it would be an excellent option for you to install a chest of drawers or a two-level shelf where you can organize your shoes in a practical and accessible way and thus take advantage of every millimeter. If already have cubicles for this purpose, try to arrange your shoes in opposite directions, to save a little more space that will be necessary for the winter boots.

Another very valid alternative is the modular cubes that you can arrange in a column at one end of the closet. In them, it will be quite comfortable organizing clothes that do not require ironing such as jeans, overalls, blouses, sweaters, and even bedding.

3 Sort each garment

On the top bar of the closet, you can classify the clothes by type and color.
Have you ever felt the sense of satisfaction that comes from having your clothes sorted by color and tone in perfect synchrony when you pass by a department store? Why not take that to your own home? I assure you that this technique will also allow you to reach the garment you are looking for with greater precision and preserving the desired order. We recommend the use of wooden and plastic hangers because they help preserve their shape better.

As we already mentioned, the task is to preserve the order so it is recommended to make a distribution guided in principle by the frequency of use, size, and color. Another excellent option is to opt for the multilevel racks. If space in your closet still too small to hold most of your clothing possessions, you could opt for a tubular module that fits a good space in your room; where you can hang the most used clothes, by classification or color, like department store style or even reserve this space especially to organize your winter jackets and coats.

4 Back on other accessories

Another good option is offered by stools designed to store clothing, footwear, or other accessories. Then, you will gain more space inside the closet because you will be able to keep a lot of clothes; being very meticulous when folding and organizing them inside, for maximum benefit. You will also have a new decorative accessory in which you can sit comfortably to talk, read or watch TV when it does you’re not pleasant to be in bed.

There are those who have found other good allies in the suitcases. If in your case you don’t have more space to store the clothes that, even if they are in season, you can keep them there by keeping them under your bed. In case you need a particular piece of clothing, just stretch out your hand and that’s it.

5 Optimize the use of the resources at your hand

Your closet doors are already starting to close, aren’t they? Well, they can also be great allies and we’ll tell you how. If you install bars inside them you can always have your indispensable accessories at hand: scarves, hats, caps, scarves, gloves, and even bracelets and straps. If you want to take advantage of them even more you can have small overhead shelves installed where your belts or even your underwear will have room. The hooks also work in this way, to hang the clothes you will need to have on hand for a next outing.

We close by telling you that the shelves at the top of the closet are another option to consider if the closet is for two. In this way, you will have additional space to distribute, but in an orderly manner another group of clothes that does not deserve special care.


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