5 ways to get your closet ready for the fall
The summer is gone and with the arrival of autumn is time to take care of many things; one of them is organizing the interior of your closet. The activity, although somewhat heavy by the fact of involving a set of decisions and strategies, for many people is not entirely.

However, do not despair because we will give you five very practical tips to help you change your closet, optimizing the use of space to make your life easier. Do you want to know them? Well, then don’t stop reading.

How should I start?

First of all, you must assume the need to provide a clean and organized space for your clothes and accessories. Stop torturing yourself with how heavy the process could be and stop running around thinking that “tomorrow” will be a better day. To start, we recommend you take action starting the mission in the early hours of the day when you have much more energy.

Have bags in which to place “that which no longer has room in your life” and once you find yourself in front of the dreaded “cave” full of who knows how many things, the rest will be put to work. An effective way to stimulate you, are thinking about conducive the occasion will be, to check pieces missing from your dressing room, which will obviously involve the much-desired purchases. In this article, we will guide you through five simple steps to optimize your closet and make it one of your favorite spaces.

Step #1. Empty your closet

Yes, you read well. With an empty closet, we say take out of that space, even the smallest garment, this with the clear objective of simplifying the process. Maybe finding your bed full of mountains of clothes, and the rest of your room with your shoes watered, doesn’t give you an idea of simplification, the truth is that if you decide to follow the advice, you will end up saving a lot of time and headaches.
Once the closet is completely “free” you should take a few moments to clean the space, freeing it of dust, including the drawers, in case they are built-in.

Step # 2: Sort the clothes

Divide your clothes into several piles: summer clothes that you should keep, winter clothes that you should put in your closet, clothes that you don’t remember having, and clothes that you definitely don’t plan to wear anymore. The first thing you must do is to keep the summer clothes that are clean (those clothes that are not, please wash them to ensure their optimal conservation). After folding them well, keep them in a dry place for this purpose.

At this point is important you organize your clothes for winter; separating the clothes you will use from those you did not use last winter and will go to donation. This process will also help you identify which elements you need and which you will have to add to your shopping cart for future purchases. The clothes that you didn’t remember and feel indecisive because of the lack of use or taste, try them to see if feeling resurfaces, otherwise, add them to lots of clothes to donate.

One way to simplify the process is, to be honest about each piece of clothing. It will help you think if is really necessary for you if you will use it again if it is an indispensable garment if you use it frequently. If not, let go of the sentimentality and decide to donate it. It is better to free up space for clothes that you really need.
If clothes are in good condition, don´t worry, there are many places where will receive them with pleasure, and it will make you happy to know you will have contributed by other people who will know how to put them to better use.

Step # 3. Evaluate your closet space

At this point is important your account for the elements you have available to make the most of every bend, and make a mental plan to organize the interior of it. If you have built-in drawers, it will be ideal leaving some of the exclusive organization for your underwear; if in your case you have some extra chest of drawers, well, better place your lingerie and bedding in this place. The drawers will be a good place to keep folded and stacked T-shirts, shirts, and other timeless clothing that fewer wrinkles, so you always have them at your fingertips. The lower part of the closet is recommending be used for shoe organization.

On the other hand, we would like to tell you that there are some boxes on market with special wheels to store clothes, accessories or shoes. Whichever you prefer. If in your opinion, it is better to reserve the closet space for clothes, they are a perfect option for storing shoes under the bed. Their wheels will make every entrance and exit easy, keeping your shoes safe.

Step #4. Plastic drawers

If your case you are one of those who only have hangers to distribute your clothes in the closet, we recommend you to acquire plastic drawers; they are easy and comfortable use, with a good capacity to receive several piles of folded clothes, and you can organize them in your closet in the shape of a column. They are ideal for preserving those clothes that you don’t need to have on hand during the season.

Step #5. Organize your clothes with style and colors

This way you are assured of a quick and efficient way to locate each garment. The best thing is to classify your clothes by style: Office clothes, clothes for a walk, clothes for night outings, etc. In the process try to place the clothes according to the order of priority; if you like to go out with friends more than formal outings, tries to ensure that each garment is located in the perfect order for you, to avoid the disorders.


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