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Christmas is just around the corner, and shopping centers are busier than ever! Crowded stores, never-ending lines at the cashiers’ desks and an endless search for the right items can turn otherwise joyful experience to stress. 

It makes you wish having a shopping-assistant that could solve all these issues and make shopping joyful and fun again. The shopping assistant you are looking for might be the Westfield app. It makes shopping easier while saving you time and money! 

What is the Westfield app?

The Westfield mobile shopping app makes the offline shopping experience better. The app is exclusively designed for Westfield shopping centers that can be found across the US. Westfield Shopping centers are in Washington, New York, California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut. Each of them includes dozens of stores and entertainment centers.  

Having so many options can be overwhelming for everyone. This is the reason Westfield Shopping center offers the Westfield app to their customers. With the mobile app, you can easily find store locations of your favorite brands, find desired products, discover restaurants in the shopping center, hear about events and discounts and even manage your smart parking account. Let’s have a closer look at the Westfield app’s best features.  

Find centers, stores, and products quickly

With the Westfield app, it is very easy to find the centers where you can shop at. You can find any information with just one click. If you are visiting the shopping center and want to know which stores you will see there, you can check the center of your choice and view all the available stores. 

Maybe you have a specific store you want to visit in your mind. Simply open an app and search with the name or browse categories. Once you find the store you are looking for you will have the list of the centers where the store is available. You can even check the exact location of the store on the shopping center map. If you still need assistance to find the store once you are already at the center, you can use the navigation and find the shortest route to your destination.  

You can search for the products on the app too. For example, you want to buy a bag but have not decided on the brand or the style you want yet. All you need to do is to write the product in the search bar on the Westfield app and get inspired!  

Manage your smart parking account

Finding a perfect parking spot at the shopping center can be very difficult. To avoid this problem, you can use your Westfield app to manage your smart parking account for ticketless entry and exit. You will never have to worry about parking anymore!  

Westfield shopping app

Discover and save your favorite places

Shopping is not simply buying things you want or need. It is a way to spend your day and have a good time. Hence, you might want to know which restaurant offers the most delicious meals or where you can have a good rest before you go to the next store. You can find all that information on the Westfield app and enjoy your break while shopping. With the app, you can save your favorite places to visit them the next time you are there! 

If you want something different from shopping and dining, you can check out the Westfield movie times. There you will see the movies that are available in the in-center movie theatres. Watch trailers to see which one you want to see and buy tickets for the next movie session all in one mobile app!   

Be the first one to receive exclusive deals

One of the advantages of having the Westfield app in your mobile is to be the first one to receive information about the events and deals. You will receive information about the upcoming events that are planned in the shopping center. The Westfield app will also inform you about the amazing deals offered by the stores. You will never miss a great discount and events as you will have everything on your phone.  

Manage the Westfield rewards account

With the Westfield app, it is easier to manage your Westfield Rewards account. You can always check your account to see the rewards you are eligible for and redeem them. The simplicity and convenience of the mobile app make getting rewards even more exciting! 

Enjoy shopping with the Westfield app

The Westfield app is making the shopping experience better for its users. You can find information about the Westfield shopping center, stores and products with just one click. Find the way to stores with turn-by-turn navigation, check out the best restaurants and have all entertainment centers at your fingertips. If you are planning to visit any Westfield shopping center soon, make sure to download the app before you go, it will make your shopping trip so much easier and enjoyable! 


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