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More and more people prefer shopping online these days. It saves them energy, time and money. Many retail companies started creating their online shopping apps not to miss out on this opportunity. Mark and Spencer, beloved store of many people, also offers the M&S app for online shopping. Now people in the UK and abroad can order their favorite fashion clothing, home, beauty or other items in seconds with the new app. 

What is M&S? 

Marks and Spencer is a major multinational retailer based in London, UK. It is most known for its high-quality clothing but offers products from other categories as well. The M&S App is an online shopping app that gives you access to the full assortment of Marks and Spencer’s products. You can order clothes for women, men and kids, beauty products, items for the home, furniture, food, wine, and even flowers. Everything you might want from your favorite store is just one tap away!   

With the M&S app, you can order the items you like in just seconds. Want something special for dinner? Order and it will be delivered in less than an hour. Want to buy furniture? Choose the style, color and order with just one tap. The app makes your life so much easier, and most importantly, you can always be sure that you will get a high-quality product.  

The M&S App is very useful when shopping offline as well. You can find the closest store to you or check the availability of products once you are there. You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store. It is continuously updated to meet the requirements of users and deliver one of the best online shopping experiences. The M&S App is so much easier to use than the website, it is faster and more convenient for any user. Let’s find out more about its features.    

Get high-quality products from Marks and Spencer

While we all agree that online shopping is great, it has one major disadvantage. On the most popular shopping apps and websites, sellers might not be very trustworthy. You might order a thing and receive something completely different. It will not happen to you when buying things on the M&S app.  All products are from the Marks and Spencer stores, and the quality is guaranteed! You will never have to worry about your order – Just sit back and wait for it!  

Use the M&S app for in-store shopping

If you prefer to shop offline, you will still benefit from the M&S app. You can use it to find the closest Marks and Spencer’s store or check the availability of certain products.  Let’s say you are at the M&S shop. you like the dress, but they do not have your favorite color or size in stock? Do not worry! You can scan the barcode of the item and search for it in the app. The M&S app will deliver the item you like to your home, or at the store of your choice!   

You will never have to say no to the dress you love! If the store does not have your size, buy it directly from the app and never miss out on the must-have items!

marks and spencer shopping app

Join the exclusive members club – Sparks!

People love Marks and Spencer for its loyalty program – Sparks. It is a club for exclusive members that get lots of benefits from the retailer. You can become a Sparks member if you download the M&S app and use it for shopping. Register yourself and take a Sparks card from the store of your choice.   

Once you are a part of the M&S members club you will get more access across the M&S products – food, home, beauty, and of course, fashion. You will receive tailor-made offers created accordingly to your interests and style, get priority access and other benefits. And that’s all from your smartphone!   

The more you shop on the app – the better offers and deals you will receive.  You will get 10 sparks every time you buy something. Another 10 for every Euro you spend and 25 sparks for every review you write.  

As you can see, collecting sparks is very easy with the M&S app, shop with the app, write reviews and get the best offers from Marks and Spencer. Once you have more than 3000 sparks collected you will get priority access to the latest products and deals!  

Start shopping on the M&S app today

If you enjoy fashion and value quality products the M&S app must be on your smartphone. With it, you can order everything you desire and be sure you will receive high-quality items. If you live in the UK, you can join the Sparks club and get rewarded every time you shop! Download your M&S app today and shop at your favorite place with your smartphone! 


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